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Three Advantages of Wellter

Specialist for Manufacturing Machine 

Wellter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuxi Weihua Group, and Wuxi Weihua Group is one of the leading design and manufacturing manufacturers of forge welding machine. Dozens of equipment experts can provide the most efficient and high-quality service to our company at any time, ensuring that all the production equipment of the company meets the needs of the customers with the best performance.

Team of Senior Technicians 

With more than 10 technical staff with a high-quality title, can skillfully use CAD design system, not only to provide technical services for the production and manufacture of our company, but also to assist salesmen to communicate with customers, according to the customer project requirements, and help the customer to select the type and assist the customer to carry on the product further design. At the same time we could provide all-round after-sales and installation services

Strong Manufacturing Capacity

The company has three advanced international levels of automatic steel grating production line, a slitting bar production line, a serration punch line, two production lines of twisted rod, a stanchion line, a production line for handrails, and a painting line. The first-class production and manufacturing capacity ensures that customers are provided with high quality products and timely delivery.