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Clips And Fastening Method

Fastening Method of Grating: 

Welding or clamping with clips. The former has advantage of permanence, stability and durability, while the later is desired for its protection to zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing and easy disassembling. The safest method is to omit the lower clamp and weld the bolt directly to the beam so that the grating would not fall down from the beam due to loose clamping.

Clip Components: upper clamp, lower clamp and M8 cheese head bolt.

Clip Type and Application: 

                   II/1 - G for Seriesl

                   II/2 - G for Series 2

                   II/G  for series 1 and series 2

                   III/G  general type for Series 1, 2 and 3, as well as interfacing panels

Installation Guide: 

All four corners of grating should be clamped with clips as firmly as possible so as to avoid loosening and falling. A grating needs at least 4 sets of clips. With length increase of grating, clips needed will increase accordingly.


              F1     用于扁钢间距30mm钢格板                                                                F3   通用型