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FRP Grating

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating is a moulded, one piece fiberglass reinforced plastic grating, available in standard panels or fabricated into panels of the shape you require to fit your floor. 

The square pattern design with interwoven construction allows load to be transferred to the adjoining bars providing a superior load-carrying capacity.

The high resin-to-glass ratio provides maximum corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals frequently encountered in many industries.

Wellter FRP comes in one standard panel size 1220 x 3660 mm.



1. Integral, one piece construction increases load-bearing capabilities.

2. Load applied to Wellter FRP bar is transferred to adjoining bearing bars, assisting in load distribution on the grating as well as on the     

    support structure.

3. Smooth resin-rich vertical surfaces and tapered bars allow all debris to fall through.

4. Continuous glass fibre strand in alternating layers thoroughly wetted with the appropriate resin for excellent corrosion resistance.

5. Open area 70%.

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Isopthalic Polyester Resin (I) ASTM E-84 Fire Rating Class 1, 25 or less

Vinyl Ester Resin (V) ASTM E-84 Fire Rating Class 1, 25 or less

Phenolic Resin (P)ASTM E-84 Fire spread index 4, smoke developed value 1

Meets Class Flammability per ASTM E-84

Class interior wall & ceiling finish per NFPA No. 255

Available only in 38mm deep, on request.

Top Surface

FRP grating is provided with an antiskid (G) surface as standard.

This is a coarse grit that is embedded into the top surface of the grating.

A plain top surface is available on request.


Available in a variety of colours. 

We recommend:

Isopthalic Polyester Resin - Green   

Vinyl Ester Resin - Yellow   

Phenolic Resin - Reddish Brow

G Green           Y Yellow             D Dark Grey           R Red            RB Reddish-Brown

Panel Size

The standard range of panel size is shown below.

Code      Panel Size

 1            1220x3660  

1. G pattern.

2. Choose a load bar from the Load/Deflection Table.

3. Add the options for Material - Top Surface and Colour.

4. Panel size suffix should be stated only if you want a stock panel.

    Panels will have fingers unless the required sizes fall on a bar width.


    G256IGG    1/1500x1200 span

    G256VGY   2/6250x768 span (each in 2 pieces)

    G386IGG1  6/1220x3660 span stock panels

5. Other options are available. Contact Wellter sales engineer. 


FRP grating is ideally suited to many applications.

See below for more details and specifications.