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Drainage Cover

Wellter's extensive range of WellDrain guality grates and frames have been developed in order to offer a totally complete drainage cover system.

All grates are hot dip galvanized for superior finish and extended life. The entire range has been designed with a view to maximising the grate open area thus achieving a hydraulically efficient grate.

Wellter drainage cover is designed based on forge-welded grating and uses it as the basic material .This type of products has been widely accepted earlier in Europe, America, Japan and Australia, etc. In China ,Wellter drainage cover is widely used in fields including municipal administration, garden construction, parking, plants, highways, docks and airports, etc.


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  • Anti-theft Rainwater
  • Water-collecting

Good Look:Alignment appearance, silver surface and modern concept. 

Optimized Design:Open area accounts for 80%, which is almost twice of the cast iron drainage cover.

Hot-dip Galvanizing:Strongly anti-rust without maintenance and replacement within 30 years.

Saving Costs:Costs are less than cast iron covers in the case of large span and heavy load, and can save expenses incurred 

by replacement of stolen or crushed cast iron covers.

High Strength:Much higher strength and ductility than cast iron and applicable to environments of large span and heavy load such as docks and airports, etc.

Various Types:Can meet different environment, load, span and shape requirements, and can be customized based on provided size and shape.

Please choose proper product strictly as required,or contact our sales representatives for consulting.

If the customer chooses a wrong specification not strong enough for his load requirement without consulting,he should bear the responsibility

for all subsequent consequences himself.

Please choose corresponding specifications based on the bottom width of ditch and loading requirements.

Please choose corresponding specifications based on the bottom width of ditch and loading requirements.

Eg.For a long ditch with a bottom width of 400mm in the main highway,GTG40XH drainage cover should be chosen as the proper specification.