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Perforated Metal Products

 Perforated Metal is sheet metal with round, square, diamond, or rectangular perforations. This product is used in a wide range of applications such as Screens, Filters, Guards, Facades, Shelving, Baking Trays and Acoustic applications. Perforated metal is also specified by architects and designers for its aesthetic appeal.

As perforated metal has the ability to act as a filter to liquids, air, light and sound waves, it is found in various industry sectors such as Agricultural, Automotive, Architectural, Construction, Electronics, Furniture Manufacturing, Marine, Medical, Petrochemical, Security and Telecommunications.

Wellter has the capability to supply many various hole types and sizes, pitch, open areas, borders and material types. Specific patterns can be developed to suit your application.


  • Pitch Options
  • Designation
  • Perforated Stock Patterns

Standard stock sheet size 2440mm x 1220mm.

MS - Mild Steel    GI - Galvanised Iron    ZA - Zinc Alloy   AL - Aluminium